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Fred Tomaselli

Hang Over


Fred Tomaselli creates collaged paintings from culled photographic reproductions and objects that he arranges on top of black grounds in kaleidoscopic compositions. Working on the floor, he organizes a work’s pictorial elements on a painted ground that he overlays with multiple thin coats of glossy clear resin, embedding them within the picture plane. Hang Over comprises hundreds of tiny leaves, pills, and images arranged in intricate patterns to depict the bucolic scene of a tree amid colorful flowers and tall grass. However, the work’s dense black background, as well as the dismembered hands and pills strewn about the tree branches like garlands, lend this seemingly utopian landscape an edgy quality, as if the setting for a dark fairytale.

Fred Tomaselli (b. 1956, Santa Monica, California; lives and works in New York)
Hang Over, 2005
Leaves, pills, acrylic, and resin on wood panel
84 x 120 in.
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Purchased with funds provided by the Acquisition and Collection Committee

For the past fifteen years, I have been making hybrid pictures out of various materials including paint, pills, insects, photo-collage, epoxy resin, leaves, and hallucinogenic botanical materials on wood panels. This body of work was initially inspired by the pre-modern ideal that painting is a window to another reality, a vehicle of transportation to the sublime and the transcendent. —Fred Tomaselli

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