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Wallace Berman

Untitled (Faceless Faces)


Interested in chance and spiritual mysticism, Wallace Berman made work rooted in metaphorical explorations. Between 1963 and 1976, he created a series of collages using the Verifax, an early copy machine, to alter found images and reproduce them in mesmerizing duotone grids. Untitled (Faceless Faces) is a grid of photographs of formally dressed couples posing for the camera. Run through the Verifax machine, the resulting reproductions of these photographs were wet, allowing the artist to smudge or erase the faces and identities of the figures. In the resulting collage, the couples have a ghostly presence, their countenances eerily faded and obscured.

Wallace Berman (b. 1926, New York; d. 1976, Topanga Canyon, California)
Untitled (Faceless Faces), 1963
Verifax collage
30 1/2 x 30 1/2 in.
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Gift of Lannan Foundation

Art is Love is God. —Wallace Berman

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