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Dave Muller

Quick Picks (twenty-six)


Making works on paper in acrylic and watercolor, Dave Muller documents not only art-world events but also everyday objects that are both extraordinary and mundane. Quick Picks (twenty-six) comprises six large-scale works showing the spines of a group of long-playing records as they might appear arranged on a shelf. Enlarged to nearly six times their actual size, the 26 albums pictured in the work, one for each letter of the alphabet, are just a handful of the thousands in Muller’s collection. In an era when songs are individually digitized, downloaded, and continually reshuffled, this painting suggests a narrative not only about Muller and his musical interests, but also about the albums themselves and their integrity as intentionally grouped sets of songs.

Dave Muller (b. 1964, San Francisco; lives and works in Los Angeles)
Quick Picks (twenty-six), 2004
Six parts: 84 x 36 in. each
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Purchased with funds provided by the Buddy Taub Foundation, Jill and Dennis Roach, Directors

Somehow, I’m just trying to relate that all the different kinds of music are connected somehow, the same way an ecosphere is connected. I’m also trying to figure out how you deal with history and the future. —Dave Muller