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Robert Irwin



Robert Irwin’s ouevre is characterized by its rootedness in the relationship between a work’s physical manifestation and the viewer’s perception. One of a series of “discs” made during the late 1960s, Untitled is a round white convex structure fixed to the wall and illuminated by four lamps, two on the ceiling and two on the floor. When lit, Untitled appears to float without visible support, and its edges imperceptibly merge with the surrounding shadows it creates. Irwin’s disc works ultimately compelled him to abandon the production of discrete objects in favor of the creation of environments that would establish the Light and Space movement.

Robert Irwin (b. 1928, Long Beach, California; lives and works in San Diego, California)
Untitled, 1968–69
Acrylic lacquer on formed acrylic plastic
Diameter: 54 in.
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Gift of Lannan Foundation

My interest in art has never been about abstraction; it has always been about experience... My pieces were never meant to be dealt with intellectually as ideas, but to be considered experientially. —Robert Irwin