about the exhibition

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Untitled (A Corner of Baci)


Combining forms of Minimal art with strategies of Conceptual art, Felix Gonzalez-Torres employs materials as disparate as stacks of paper, strings of light, piles of candy, and lines of text, believing that “meaning is created once something can be related to personal experience.” Many of his works address themes of loss and renewal. Untitled (A Corner of Baci) is composed of a pile of wrapped chocolates in the corner of a gallery, from which anyone is welcome to take a piece.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres (b. 1957, Guáimaro, Cuba; d. 1996, Miami)
Untitled (A Corner of Baci), 1990
Baci chocolates individually wrapped in silver foil (endless supply)
Dimensions vary with installation; ideal weight: 42 pounds
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

In a way...this refusal to make a static form, a monolithic sculpture, in favor of a disappearing, changing, unstable, and fragile form was an attempt on my part to rehearse my fears of having Ross [the artist’s partner for 8 years, who died in January 1991 from AIDS] disappear day by day right
in front of my eyes. —Felix Gonzalez-Torres